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I have a thing for picnics. Search on pinterest the word picnic aesthetic and thousands of beautiful pictures of laid cheese, croissants and themes pop up. As much as these pictures assist in curating insta-worthy picnics, they also discourage people from organizing them.

Read on articles about picnic and you’ll find that cheese, cherries, sushi, boars are on top of the list. These items can be a bit costly and hence require proper planning. However, there are so many vegetables, meats, fruits and nuts which can be used that are cheaper. Essentially, a picnic should be as simple as carrying your lunch or evening snacks outdoors. There are no rules just keep it simple and dry (avoid soup foods).

When I arrived at Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate  Batian House, I was so enthusiastic about setting up a picnic. The venue was pretty much determined. All I had to do is set up a luncheon and add items I had bought. I also had the liberty to find great pieces in the house to make the picnic insta-worthy.

I used a vintage clock and candle stand that I found in the house for the table set up.

Our chef Cynthia, founder of drip and dine made cheese pasta, french beans and salad. To complement our meal, I added sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, extra hot chilli chika chika, mustard) and fruits (watermelon, strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas and oranges). For drinks I staged tonic and gin to make tasty cocktails.

The minute I saw this leather chair and rustic table I knew it would make a great picnic aesthetics.

When it comes to planning a picnic improvise with the items at hand. Then if need be add items that are multi purpose that can be used in the house. A great example is the mat/maasai shuka on the picture, it can be used as a mat for a picnic and to keep warm in the house. This will go along way in cutting costs and getting items that are essential in the long run.

Cc. Wevyn Muganda enjoying the apple that keeps the doctor away.

Cc. Laura Rua the muse, mixologist and all time content creator. 

The trick is to have a good eye (taste for good things). Note. The items don’t have to be expensive. You just need to pair and arrange them right.

Not only did we create insta-worthy photos, we also made a bunch of memories. I am here for both.

Always keeping it,

Authentically African!


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