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I reminiscence the days I could wake up and drive to Diani or Kilifi for some Sangria and boat shows. Living wild and free, those were the days. Now I’m back to Instagram shopping and admiring the beach, the forest, heck admiring any sort of adventure that involves a lot of people. I don’t like crowds but things you disliked sound like fun ideas. I miss thrift shopping and turning clothes, bargaining and just enjoying it because I know there is an art to it. Now we have been limited to buying clothes online at fixed prices. The sellers don’t flinch at the mere site of you bargaining. Wanasonga like nothing ever happening. Also, some shitty customer service. I can write a whole book on shopping online and I give credit to Covid 19.

Well enough about my post Covid experience let’s get back to some good time when Covid was nonexistent.

Kilifi boatyard a place where jetties and boats and salty air is the norm. There’s nothing better than a long, lazy meal at the Kilifi Boatyard, especially when it involves fresh seafood and chips.


Located five kilometers before Kilifi town. Glancing on the right you can spot the Kilifi bridge and the most unique yachts and boats. On the opposite side of the boat yard is what used to be the Kilifi Ferry.

Their service is lagging. The food takes a bit longer to be ready and you must push the waiters to get the bare minimum services. While waiting for your food you can decide to enjoy a boat ride and exploring the creek side of Kilifi. Out of ten, the food was a six. There is so much room for improvement.

Sea food platter for one

Would I visit Kilifi Boatyard? Yes. I’m a sucker for views. I live for such peace and serenity.

Light tips

  • Consider using a 4-wheel drive as a small car or tuk tuk can be fairly uncomfortable. Alternatively, you can go through Kilifi Ferry and cross with a boat to the restaurant.
  • A meal price starts from Ksh.1,000. I spent Ksh. 5,500/= for the platter and a bottle of wine.
  • When you spend above Ksh.3,000/= they offer you a free boat ride back to the opposite side of the Kilifi ferry.

Quick question. Sunrise or sunset?

Keeping it,

Authentically African.



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