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We have a tendency to postpone pleasure in our daily lives to a time in the future. We assume that we will break our back now…then enjoy the fruit of our labor later. You think maybe by the next year, the next dream job, vacation, perhaps even by retirement, we can do the pleasurable things we love.

What we are yet to learn is how to fully enjoy the present. How to be so engulfed in the present that we do not wait for a later time to do the things. We tend to look at the future as a source of hope, another day, another year to do the things we love. Have you thought of the now? That presently you need to be happy and do the things you love most?

Every day I ask myself if I die today, would I have lived the life that I wanted?

This is a simple question but it always triggers me to do better and live today better.  To engage in things that I love most. Pleasurable things like flowers, candles and art; these might be the whole point of life. Sure, I still have a list of things to do. However, more often that not, I pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers or light up a scented candle or treat myself to good food or have spontaneous days for solitude and self-care.

Just for the simple purpose of feeling good. Enjoying myself. Feeling grateful for what I have (family, friends and good health). Being present and loving my life for what it is at that moment.

Practicing pleasure does not have to be selfish or pricey. More often it symbolizes self love and appreciation.  It helps in creativity, knowing our higher purpose, and discovering our “why” for being on this planet.

I think it’s time we all consider making pleasure our top priority. Don’t you?

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