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As per my last post we know that office flowers are a win-win for everyone in the office! Office flower delivery services like our office flower subscription make getting beautiful fresh flowers delivered weekly a breeze.

In case you are wondering where to use fresh flowers at your work place. This is how fresh flowers are used in offices to perk up surroundings, brighten the space, and improve any work day.


The most basic place to display your beautiful fresh flowers is at an office’s reception area. It makes the area warm and cheery, and makes anyone visiting the office feel welcomed. Popular areas to display the flowers include the front desk, side tables, and coffee tables. Large flower arrangements work best in open areas.


Fresh flower can be the most cheapest and simplest way to add decor at your work place. By adding a bright and stylish touch to dull offices, pretty flower arrangements throughout the various office floors is an easy way to improve teams’ moods as they walk by. Office flowers displayed throughout the office space makes walking the halls or chatting with a co-worker on the way to a meeting more beautiful!

Common Area 

If you are lucky enough, your workplace has a common area. Common areas, such as the break room, tea room or resting rooms. The common areas have gotten better and better over the years as companies have caught on fun things like TVs and games (pool tables,chess etc). Also, a place where teams can take a quick coffee break, have snacks and lunches, and even meet for an informal team meeting, the common area is definitely an important part of the office building. Adding to the overall vibe of the room, fresh flowers brighten up the space and make it even more welcoming.


Every upscale hotels and restaurants, make use of fresh flower arrangements in the restrooms. Why not try it at work too.

Conference Rooms

Most conference rooms are filled with aloof furniture and dull color furniture to represent the seriousness of the matters discussed. Why not regularly place office flowers on conference room tables to brighten up the boring decor of the conference room.


Beautifying work desks with pretty fresh flower arrangements to look at while working on the computer is very popular. Even if a desk is cluttered, pretty flowers draw the eye right to them!

Executive Offices

Executive offices are usually much bigger, and let’s face it, swankier, then other workers’ desks, and important meetings are often held there. That’s why many executive assistants use flowers to make the space more bright, cheery and welcoming to visitors.

As you can see, there are many ways to use flowers in offices. For more information on office flower delivery services, visit our Lazuli House Kenya Instagram page.

Trust me you won’t regret it.

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