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It’s 2020, everyone wants to be the more productive at work. What better way than to start incorporating flowers and plants at work. People tend to underestimate the presence of plants and flowers at the work place but they do so much more than just add extra decor to the office space.

Research conducted by Exeter University showed that allowing staff to make design decisions in a work space enhanced with office plants and flowers can increase well-being by 47%, increase creativity by 45% and increase productivity by 38%.

Here are just a few reasons why you should have plants in your office:

  1. Increased productivity: Research found that employee performance on memory retention improved substantially. It is believed that they psychologically engage the employees.
  2. Reduced background noise: They are known to reducing noise by absorbing sound waves which creates are less distracting environment for the employees to work in.
  3. Clean air: They decrease CO2 levels by 50% and help to reduce dust, bacteria and mould which otherwise would be inhaled by the employees.
  4. Increased creativity: They helps us to feel more relaxed and calm which puts us in the most creative mindset.
  5. Reduced stress: Their presence makes a space more calming to be in, making us comfortable and happy to work.
  6. Outdoor environment: Reminds you of the natural environments and give you an all round feeling of well being
  7. Impressed clients & visitors: Your clients, customers and partners will be impressed when they see plants at the work place.
  8. Cooler office: On hot days the plants can help cool the place by the process of transpiration and helps to keep the room at optimum humidity level
  9. More desirable workplace: When included in the design and layout, they make the environment more pleasant and hence attract more people to work there.

If your office doesn’t already play home to any plants or flowers, you should really consider bringing a few into the space. You can start by adding a small plant or flower vase at your desk and see how you’ll flourish at work.

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