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Happy New Year.

I started off the New Year tour guiding my best friend and the mum. So here are the logistics from transport, accommodation and places we visited.

Transport and Accommodation

They traveled from Nairobi by train. This was the cheapest and fastest way to reach Mombasa. I recommended Buddha tree backpackers which cost Ksh. 7800 inclusive of breakfast for 4 nights double (2 people). I booked the accommodation via booking.com which had 20% discount on this property.


Pros Cons
  • The place is quiet affordable.
  • Breakfast was provided.
  • The environment is calm and serene.
  • There is a creek view.
  • It’s a distance from the road so it can be a hassle when moving around.
  • The owner keeps shouting and cursing at his employees.


Places to visit

Day One

Haller Park

Haller Park is along old Malindi road just opposite CTM.

Albino crocodile is on the right.

Entrance fee

  • E.A resident – Ksh.500 and Ksh.200 for adult and children respectively.
  • Nonresident – Ksh.1400 and Ksh.600 for adult and children respectively.

Feeding time

  • Giraffe – 3.00 pm
  • Hippopotamus – 4.00 pm
  • Crocodile – 4.30 pm

Animals to be seen include gazelles, snakes, crocodiles, buffaloes, hippos, warthogs, antelopes, giraffe and definitely monkeys.

There is a lot of walking so carry some water and snacks.

Africa Kenya Village

Located on Mtomondoni Creek road, before Royal Palms Apartments you’ll see a guarded barrier. Inquire about the place from the gate men at the barrier and they will direct you to Africa Kenya Village. Buddhas tree backpackers is located on the same road. You can opt to use google maps for clear directions. As earlier mentioned both of them are a distance from the road.

My visit to this place was solely because of the food and they did not disappoint. They serve porridge in a gourd before the main meal. Water Juice or soda is served on clay cups.

Drinking porridge out of a gourd.


  • African platter cost Ksh.3200 and can be shared among 4 people.
  • Whole kienyeji chicken cost 2400
  • Fish cost 600 depending on the size

The platter takes an hour and a half to prepare

African platter had quails and omena too.

They also provide

  • Accommodation at Ksh.3,000 per night in the African huts
  • Swimming at Ksh.300 (adult) and Ksh.200 (child).


Day Two

Markiti market

Mombasa is known for its variety of lessos, deras and maasai shoes and what better place to find them than in Markiti market. We opted to go to Mali ya Abdulla to buy the lessos but truth is there are so many places to get lessos in markiti so do not limit yourself to one shop.

Almost close to Mali ya Abdulla there is a shop that sells variety of maasai shoes at really affordable prices. Enter the shops and explore the options to get good deals on lessos, deras and African print clothes.


Damascus is a chain of restaurants known for shawarma. So far they have three restaurants that I know of (Tudor, Town and Nyali). We went to the Nyali one. It’s on your right before ratna square when you’re heading to Shell. I recommend the cheese shawarma.

Cheese shawarma is bigger and bulkier than the normal shawarma

Price ranges from Ksh. 200-350 for a shawarma.


It’s along old malindi road, just before sarova whitesands when you’re heading to mtwapa.

The restaurant concept is ‘all you ca eat meat’.

I chose this place because we could easily access the beach. So we ordered our beers and enjoyed the view.

   The beach is cleaner and less crowded compared to pirates beach.

Day Three

Mama Ngina Waterfront

Formerly known as Mama ngina drive. It’s located in Likoni.  Entry is free.

Thinking of  a photo-shoot venue? Mama Ngina is the place.

Must have snacks

  • Madafu – We bought them at Ksh.50 but price varies from Ksh.50-100.
  • Crisps – This is an all-time favorite. Cassava crisps cost Ksh.50 and potato crisps cost Ksh.100 for the small packets.
  • Roasted maize, sweet potato and cassava.

Potato crisp, roasted maize, cassava and sweet potatoes and cassava crisps in that order


  • Horse and camel riding cost Ksh.100

Spot the madafu on the right?


City Blue Creekside Hotel

City Blue is located immediately after Nyali Bridge. The sunset view is amazing. In addition we went to chill and have a drink before the night out.

At city blue.


We ended our night by going out clubbing at Tapas. It’s situated in Nyali Centre. The club is usually chilled because of the mature crowd it attracts.

Thank you for stopping by.

I wish you nothing but the very best this new year.

Authentically African.

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