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My family is big on bridal showers so throwing one can be a daunting task. I’m usually responsible for planning the party in a way that everyone will love, so I always want to get it right.

Since I’ve planned from scratch a handful of them. Let me help you plan the best party for your bride and guests.I’ve compiled a list of the things that have made bridal showers great.

First and foremost, the basics, like who you’ll be inviting and what your theme will be. Then, start picking out the details, like the menu, activities, and decorations. From the location, to the dress code, to the stationery, to the favors, we’ve covered it all. It’s the little things that’ll make your party a big hit—little things just like these.

The Right Guest List

Don’t invite who you want, or even who you think that the bride wants. She doesn’t have to know who’s coming, but she should approve of everyone on the guest list.

A Great Location

Whether you celebrate at someone’s home, restaurant or a getaway. The destination doesn’t matter, as long as it’s somewhere that attendees can feasibly get to and offers the right vibe for your festivities.

An easy dress code

Set some sort of standard for your celebrant’s attire, whether you pick out a color palette or ask them to dress to a certain level. That being said, don’t push their buttons by expecting anything unreasonable. White is usually preferred because it has one shade as opposed to pink, purple, yellow etc.

As for the bride, I often source for a dress that she’d love. The color should be distinct from the rest. The dress should show off her personality while steering clear of anything too similar to her wedding dress.

We wore white and choose jungle green for the bride.

The Right Playlist

Conversation are inevitable when hosting guests from all walks of a bride’s life . Fill the air with on-theme songs to keep the energy up. Ask the bride to make a playlist of her favorite hits. Another route is to let the groom create an original playlist, so that he has a subtle—but sweet—hand in the day. As for me, the anthem song will be their wedding song. In coast, every weeding  has a song composed by a band. The genre of the song is called bango.

This bango song was during my sisters wedding “Mati weds Deche” .

Beautiful Blooms

We’re under the impression that flowers are involved in too few of life’s big moments. Roses are never not appreciated, and you can even send them home with the bride and/or her guests.

Flower center pieces were set in every table.

Creative Details

This suggestion is a little broad, but that’s because we want you to get creative and include elements that are totally one-of-a-kind. These crystal droplets were set on the table is a look.

This bracelet and card was a gift for the guest to take home after winning games.

Fun Activities & Games

Choose bridal shower game ideas that are sure to provide creative, quirky diversions that everyone can get excited about. See which bridal shower games you and your guests might want to play! (I’ll do a follow up post on games.

Favors Guests Want

Have favor gifts for your guest. It can be as simple as a lip balm, mirror, key-ring etc.

Souvenirs for the bride

Have some souvenirs for the bride to remember the eventful day. Apart from gifts, the bride took home this card and the scribbled ‘mwikos’.

It’s always an honor to host and plan the event!

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