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We didn’t choose to grow up. Someone hyped us about growing up. I wanted to grow up so bad because of the freedom that came with it. What I didn’t know is with freedom comes responsibility.

Frankly, there days we are not or rather I’m not responsible enough (Let me speak for myself.) Is drunk driving a responsible thing to do? Is it? So yes, I found myself doing that. The next morning, I thought what if that’s what I want. People have no right to tell me what to do. Generally, I do not like being told what to do. What if I don’t care what happened to me. Then, right then it hit me. I’m not the only one at risk, what if I hit a person, car, house or tree. There is so much more at stake than my life.

We (human beings) are functioned to do things for majorly two reasons to avoid pain or feel pleasure. 99% of the things we do subconsciously tend to show the reasons above.

My drinking was to avoid pain, but the latter act of driving was a wake-up call. Everyone is battling something, and it’s hypocritical to pretend our lives are all perfect. I also believe we can be happy momentarily and not have a battle to fight at a certain point (I know this because I’ve been there too.) So, I decided to take up a 30-day challenge to cleanse, mourn and heal for my inner peace.

My 30-day cleanse plan included:

No social media i.e Facebook, Instagram and Whats App.
No going out to clubs
No drinking alcohol

The above were among the items on the list.The reasons why I chose the above things is because I didn’t want validation from people or things. I don’t want to lose my self-worth when my surroundings don’t give me the validation I need. I don’t want the pain to accumulate and lead to depression. I wanted the source of self-worth and validation to come from within.

I may or may not have followed the list to the latter, but this was a much-needed break and I loved it.

Stay tuned for a follow up post on the social media break.

Authentically African.

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