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Finding the perfect gifts for women isn’t rocket science. Think about what you already know she likes.

Isolating a few points about her helps when going through the options and allows you to focus on the choices, making the process less overwhelming.

If you’re truly puzzled on what to get her, you’ve landed in the right article. Here are a few gift that I have received and think every lady would love. Talk of shoes , earrings to watches. Have a look.

  1. A pair of earrings

Jewelry is a no-brainer and a girl’s best friend. Instead of something clunky and over-sized, go for a delicate pair of earrings. I love my jewelry in gold, other options include diamond, gold, silver or pearls. I always love studs because they have a one-of-a-kind feel.

2.   A sophisticated  bag

Get her a fancy or cross-body bag that is perfectly sized to store her smartphone, keys, and other essentials. The look of it is elegant, but understated.

  1. A Stylish Watch

Watches can be or can’t be expensive depending on what you’re going for. If you really need something stylist and sophisticated yet affordable you can window shop to find out the budget you’ll work with.

  1. Delicate jewelry

When I think delicate, a necklace comes to mind. Gift her with a necklace. One she can wear every single day.

  1. A pair of high heels

This is almost obvious, really. The risk is  if you are uncertain about her size and ability to wear sky high heels, then you may run the risk of giving her a pair of shoes she can’t really use.

Preferably, you can go with a more modest pair, especially if you have noticed that she likes them or ones that are similar. If she’s braver, then you can try your luck and get her some more daring heels with higher platforms and thinner heels.

  1. Perfume

A perfume is a great solution for a gift related problems. It makes a great impression, show appreciation, and give happiness to the person. It really doesn’t matter if I already have a few perfumes – different fragrances bring out different emotions and different aspects of my nature and character. Everyone knows that one can never have too many fragrances.

I’d love to add Thulooj to my list of perfumes.

  1. A good book

Books make great gifts. Personally, I love books (hard copy) but if she’s been looking to make the switch to an e-reader, you can also buy her an e-book. What does she like to read? If she is a feminist then you can go with “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, “I’m going to need more wine” By Gabrielle Union or any of Chimamanda Ngozi’s books just to get started.

  1. Portrait

If you’re looking for a unique as well as astonishing gift. Then a portrait is the way to go. This gift increases its sentimental value as time passes and will mean so much to the recipient. I almost cried when I saw this portrait.

Excuse the flash reflection on the portrait

My standard rule is when delivering a gift, add chocolate, wine and flowers to the package. You won’t regret it.

And yes, you’re welcome.

Authentically African.





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