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Have you ever woken up tired? Tired of everyone and everything. I know I have. When life gets to this point, I tend to take a day off to rejuvenate. 

So on a Thursday, I decided to take a drive to Malindi and I ended up in Medina Palms Watamu.

I went and sat  close to the bar because no good story started with drinking water. I wish I could try their cocktails but growing up comes with great responsibility. So instead, I had ice tea.

At the beach bar

This was suppose to be a starter. Doesn’t it look like the main meal? It does to me. It was served at the same time as the main meal. I decided to start with the main meal and have the starter later on.

Coconut sea platter with chapati

I love their bamboo straws and my chilli hot.

This meal was tasty, the herbs and spices were distinct in the shredded pork.

I forgot the original name as on the menu but in layman’s language, it’s baked pork and mashed sweet potatoes.

Sneak peek of the environs

Sneak peak of myself

Thanks to my s-pen I can take pictures of myself. 

Once in a while, it’s good to spend time alone. Then you’ll discover how unlonely being alone can be.

Till next time.

Authentically African.

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