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Every so often I want to visit a place or town that captivates me as much as it inspires me, intrigues me, and as such completely overwhelms me with all of this happening at once. Lamu, was one of those towns. The town almost relies  on tourism due to its old charm. This is part one, I’ll do a part two (places to visit in Lamu) follow up post.

With an introduction like that, it’s little wonder this charming place captivates the great majority of its visitors. So without further ado, these are the activities I partook in….

Lamu Old Town Tour

This tour is a must. It includes the donkey sanctuary, lamu fort and lamu museum. Interacting and getting to see Lamu town was one of the best experience. The town has it’s own culture and taste. The people, ooooh my, they were very so friendly and genuine.

Donkey Ride

Considering I’ve ridden a yak, elephant and horse. Donkey proved to be the hardest of them all. Do not be fooled by my smile this ass can run.

Sunset Dhow and Snorkeling

Snorkeling was on our list but sadly the weather was bad – a boat had just capsized. So we stopped at Manda Bay for lunch and swimming. We sailed backed at sunset.


Visiting Lamu was an excuse to get henna art. Ladies, you should include this on your list. Ask for Mama Leila or Glamour Henna Painting College.

Yoga on the beach

Why not change your yoga location and try it on the beach. It was a beautiful experience. Listening to the ocean and waves  gave us so much peace.

Lamu art street blackboard.

There are a number of activities I wish I did but couldn’t because of time. Also, some were damn expensive. I’ll definitely visit Lamu soon. It’s one of those places I fell in love with.


Authentically African!




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