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If you know me well, then you know that  I have a pash for wine. So, a restaurant with Spanish authenticity pops up and specializes in tapas and wine in Diani, Kenya. My kinda thing.

The restaurant has been designed with a warm and contemporary feel, carefully designed to enable space yet intimacy. That sensation is what you get walking into Mi Lola Tapas & Wine Bar for the first time. Just on a corridor in Baharini shopping center that you’ve probably rushed down a number of times, a set of shops, offices and travel agencies, a restaurant has appeared. In less than a year since it opened, Mi Lola has made both Baharini shopping center and the Diani dining landscape into roomier, more interesting place.

Huevos Benedictos and Huevos Con Chorizo

My first Tapas bite was impossibly numb, I didn’t know what to expect. But after that, its natural flavors were deeply concentrated, and the underlying bread flecked with fresh poached eggs, serrano ham, spinach, grilled red peppers and hollandaise sauce, was stunning on its own. So was the loaf of egg bread, wonderful with potato in it and even more wonderful under a thick coat of butter. These thumb-size loaves were delicious and exceptional. There was, a spiced fried potatoes that caused double takes. The potatoes had a restrained but durable spiciness. They were served with eggs and chorizo with a sprinkle of parsley, intensifying effect on the Tapas.

These sangrias are all you need with the Coast heat.

Let me not get started on the sangria. Delectable buoys of fruit, soaked in the crimson liquid, bob around the glass. These fruit bits must eventually find their way to my mouth. As a result of the fruit challenge, each glass of sangria exudes erotic, comic, even balletic possibilities. Most of all, though, there’s its taste. Sparkling, aromatic, refreshing. Just a bit exotic. And sweet.

After a few glasses of sangria

We sampled three types of tapas ( Huevos Benedictos, Huevos Con Chorizo and Tortilla Espanola) and had eight glasses of Sangria each (I preferred the white one). We spent a maximum of $30 each, the more the merrier they say but the more the less costly, I reckon.


Mi Lola Tapas & Wine Bar has offers throughout the week. Well, they can even remunerate me to promulgate this. Till then, cheers!

Authentically African!

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