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After my post ‘THIS VALENTINES’, I received some critics. Men out here are complaining. Complaining about not being gifted.  My post seemed to have aroused some feeling because men feel bashed. (Wamechoka kupewa ties and socks).

When it comes to gifting, women expect more. It’s in our nature to expect to be treated with love and affection. We may expect men to provide for us even though we still discuss about equality especially in intimate relationships. If you ask something from women and we want it, we won’t shy off from saying yes. (Ps: Don’t ask if you’re not willing to get it). It might be because we’ve seen it in our African homes, how our fathers treated our mothers and we would like to be treated the same.

I understand times have changed. Men expect women to step up and stand on their own. Men expect to be gifted as much as they gift and there is nothing wrong with that. We as women should step up, love and gift them as much as we want to be loved and gifted. There is so much joy in seeing the person you love happy.

The question of providing still lingers. Should women provide as much as men? This is a debate that we will continue to have. My advise is each couple should decide what works for them.

All in all, everyone needs love, respect and affection. So let’s love fully.

Authentically African!

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