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The day that men dread is almost here. Yes, I can tell by the memes going round. They are under so much pressure that they opt to pull up stunts days before valentines. (I had a  friend whose boyfriend used to go MIA right before valentines and start communicating days after valentines)

Is going MIA really a solution?

I really don’t know and wouldn’t know but what I know is women are the simplest or complicated beings you’d ever know. You don’t need to break the bank to make her happy, picking up a chocolate or her favorite wine from the supermarket on Valentines can make her feel really good (Ps. This depends on the expectations and standards you guys have put out for each other as a couple)

Some men don’t gift no matter what and how much they have. They reason that it’s not in their nature. This is the kind of person you’d give a free flower to take home and they’d throw it just in front of the door (Yes, I’m probably exaggerating).

Most couples don’t even celebrate valentines and I respect that. If you do celebrate valentines, you can gift your loved one (Isn’t valentines about spreading love?).  Gift your mother/father, sister/brother, lover, wife/husband or friend.

We should acknowledge that valentines isn’t gender specific, everyone needs to be shown love. So if anything, everyone should be under pressure during valentines.

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