I turned a year older several days ago, and I just realized that time waits for no man. Just yesterday, I was 18 years, young and probably naïve. I used to look at my 26-year-old cousins and imagine that they are very old (26 seemed like 40 to me then), wondering why they are not married or have kids.

So as I turned a year older, it hit me that now I'm that 26-year-old some cousin is looking up to and wondering the same thing. Truth be told, I don't feel like 26 is such and old age (now that I'm here).

On my birthday weekend, I went out the night before and had to specify that I didn't want cake in the club (too much attention). The next day we went out for a picnic and I was happy with that.

(Shoutout to Shera, Patricia and Laura- Picture taken at Jumba  la Mtwana)               

When it came to gifting, I figured  we want surprises but do we really need the things people gift us with.  We agreed with my friends that you put up a wish list for your birthday. This goes along way, since you get something that you actually need. (I'll do a post on our gifting system)

This blog symbolizes the new journey from my mid twenties. I hope I'll be relatable and relevant.

Authentically African!


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