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Dolphin Watch
This was one of the most breath taking experiences in Wasini island.
Seeing dolphins is not guaranteed in the sunny season and odds are slimmer during the rainy season. Our group was so lucky to have been able to see them.

Do not go with the expectation of swimming with the dolphins chances are you won’t. The dolphins are in an area where swimming is not allowed so unless they follow you back to the marine swimming area and the chances for that are very slim.
Diving gears are provided for people who know and want to dive. A tour guide diver is available who can show them around, in the sea.

Snorkelling kits are provided. Two options are available for snorkelling, in the deep waters and in the shallow water. Snorkelling guides are provided by KWS to show you round the corals in water.

The corals and aquatic (both plants and animals) are magnificent; I have never seen so much beauty in one place. I would never have enough words to describe my snorkelling experience, I believe for one to know they must experience it.
Tour of Wasini island
Wasini island is a conservative island that is found on the South Coast of Mombasa and is 20 minutes by boat from Shimoni. The main inhabitants are Muslims and consist of one big extended family. There is no electricity or bars in the area, source of light used are the traditional lamps. The main activity is fishing. Children can be spotted swimming throughout the day.

Our lunch was served in Wasini island at Wasini Mpunguti restaurant. Different options are available depending on your package. Beverages and extra sea food and can be provided if you add more cash. The meal provided is lobster as a starter, chapati and sea weed, fish, coconut rice and coconut potato stew.

Price and Time Management
The price varies from agency to agency but I used Wasini Blue Whale Boat Operators, with pick up, drop off, lunch and the activities is Kshs 5000 per person for citizens and Kshs. 10000 non-citizens. If you want to be economical you can cater for your own transport to Shimoni and head to the KWS offices and pay for your ticket without an agency and there after you can buy your own food at Wasini Island. If asked, I would prefer booking with an agency because there is so much uncertainty when you go alone.
If you are commuting from North Coast, then you have to be up by 5 am and by 7 am you should be in town for pick up. In case you have your own source of transport you should leave earlier because Shimoni is a long way drive and you need to be there by 9 am latest.

Lastly, the experience in the nature of wasini island was wonderful and would totally recommend it.



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