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If I was told to describe The Shaza startling would be the word, from its unique details to its exquisite décor and it’s  fine finish to its buildings and exterior.
Maybe it is true how the urban dictionary describes shaza as

  • A very beautiful and sexy female
  • Beautiful smile and laughter
  • Graceful, full of beauty, inside and out
  • A female who is often very sizzling in her temperament, termed as “TOO HOT TO HANDLE”

And indeed it is.
I visited The Shaza  because it was too hot and I needed a swim. The swimming package comes with lunch at Ksh 1500.Is the deal worth it? Yes.
There are three swimming pools which can be used. The picture above shows the 3 pools. The third pool which is on the right is on the lower part of The Shaza.
The picture above is lunch platter of fries, chicken, fish, beef and sausage. The drinks are quite affordable and range from  Ksh.300-600 for mocktails and  Ksh.450- 900 for cocktails.
The Shaza has 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and oenthouse apartments which are available to rent for  holidays and vacations. It is a peaceful hide away in case you want to work, read or catch up with close friends.
Below are some pictures from The Shaza.

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