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Location, Time and Setting
1oth Street is located at The Avenue building behind Nakumatt Nyali.
The place is open 24/7 and therefore can be accessed anytime.
There is ample space from inside and outside at the balcony.
I love the artistic theme that sets the whole restaurant.

Customer Service
The customer services are pretty warm, out of the numerous times I visited the place it’s only once that I wasn’t satisfied with the service.
Another reason I like this place that it’s never as busy so you get served quickly.
The cost is pretty affordable as you can see in the first picture.
Falafel is offered as your meal is being prepared and the food on average takes 10 minutes depending on what you ordered.

  • What I recommended

Chicken nuggets- they are to die for, and definitely a must try.
Falafel – I have to know how to make this, they are bhajia but taste heavenly. Once you taste this you would want to come for more.
Chicken burger- For me it was alright, you should definitely try the beef and cheese burger. The chicken nuggets burger was a bit dry for me.

Sample of burger presentation

Milkshake- Totally worth it, ice cream dipped in milk. If you are craving for ice cream, this is the place.

  • What I don’t recommend

Ice Tea- Considering I am used to a pretty strong iced tea. The ice tea was mild and did not match up my expectation.

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