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It’s a scuffle, white vs red wine.
Personally, I am a white sipper.Most people choose wine just for preferences, here a few facts about white and red wine.

So here is something you did not know about red and white wine
Food pairing and wine
While this is a wide topic and a lot has to be considered when pairing food and wine.   The two most basic tips include:

  • A wine is sweeter than the food and you will have a successful wine pairing.
  • A wine should have higher acidity than the food it’s matched with otherwise it will taste flabby.

Calorie, Carbohydrates and sugar content
They have both the same carbohydrates content, though white wine does promise a few calories per glass. In terms of sugar content red wine weighs in as the lighter vintage with 0.9 grams to 3.8 grams in white wine of sugar per 5 ounce of sugar. If you’re looking to cut sugar from your diet red wine will be a better bet. Sugar content is directly proportional to sweetness i.e. the sweeter it is the more sugar content it contains.
Nutritional benefits
Red or white lowers risk coronary arteries. Red wine has more anti-oxidants which are used to protecting arteries. White wine is preferred for parties because it contains the conjugates which have less fermentation and therefore reduce headache and nausea of a nasty hangover (explains why I never get hangovers after a night out drinking white wine)
Health Benefits
Red wine fighting cancer, studies point out, red wine is rich in resveratrol, antioxidants that fights cancer by blocking actual cancer cell growth. For breast cancer prevention, research points out to white wine. Both prevent arthrosclerosis, studies show red wine to help in less fattening deposition along arteries walls, less slightly higher on Cortina walls which helps take care of eyes and prevent macular degeneration. White wine has positive antioxidants that enhance better lung health and lower instance of lung disease.
At least 2 glasses and 1 glass per day for gentlemen and ladies respectively.

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