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It reaches a point when drinking becomes an art, yes an art.
You know your drinking is an art when;

  • You are a social drinker, someone who enjoys wine at an evening meal or a margarita/ beer/whisky during a night out.
  • You do not get drunk when drinking i.e you know your limit and never surpass it
  • You are quite experimental when it comes to drinking i.e you wanna know which cocktails, wine, whisky and beers taste best.
  • You drink responsibly

I will be posting recipes on cocktails and recommendation on wine, whisky and beer in the current market (some of the suggestions may not be entirely my own). As i am still searching for my ultimate drink. My ultimate drink descriptively is magical.
And as Friday is here, as you go out being social, try ordering something that you have not tried before(assuming that you have not tried every option available). Do not drink for the mere purpose of drinking instead practice the art of drinking.

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