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In most homes, coconut milk is bought in supermarkets or made by using blenders and filters.
But in Africa its still very common to use a coconut grater called Mbuzi (Swahili name) and a strainer called Kifumbu (Swahili name)
Break the coconut into two equal halves
coconut (1)
Take one piece at a time and grate it using the coconut grater “mbuzi”
Put the grated coconut into a strainer “kifumbu” and squeeze out the milk

Strainer_basket-400x267Squeeze out the first concentrated milk “tui zito” (do not add any water).
Add water and squeeze out the dilute coconut milk “tui zito” or “matusho”
PS. Coconut milk can be incorporated in cooking almost everything. In some of my next articles i will show you various ways to use coconut milk.

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